Announcement !!!
Dear professionals , in view of the present circumstances, the conference date is postponed, the later date will be announced soon.


Sub-Themes of the 2nd International Conference on Knowledge Networking in ICT Era  (KNICT2020) are :

Emerging Web Technologies
Information Systems and Next generation Search engines
Content Creation and Management
Technology Enhanced E-learning - Virtual Learning Environment
Knowledge Management (KM)
Digital Library (DL) of the future
Next generation Library Interfaces
Security Systems and Implementation
ICT/Information Literacy
IPR and copyrights in the networked environment
Capacity Building Initiatives and Strategies
Mobile Apps
Big Data Analytics
Library of the Future
New user interfaces and applications 
Digital interfaces for printed E-books
Social Networks
Learning /smart /creative Spaces in Libraries
Learning Hub
Coding Club
Digital Story Telling
Open Library
Human Library
Cloud based technologies and solutions to Libraries
Kinetic Bikes (Charges for Phones, Laptops, etc)
Innovative Library Services
Use of QR codes in Libraries
Google Voice for answering library FAQ and reference queries
Library Bookmark and Guide
Digital Literacy
Collaboration and Partnership in the network world